• Aaditya Vyas

    Decent apartment at decent price, quite and clean.

  • Tanya

    It was nice staying at Stemwood, during our stay we felt as if we’re at home only. Thank-you for your hospitality

  • Sharad Mishra

    Jeetu and Bappa are too good; they take good care of you-perfect home cooked food.

  • Gagan Gupta

    My guests were at ease at Stemwood, they rather enjoyed more than a hotel, thumbs up guys you did a great job.

  • Naveen Sombappa

    Very helpful and kind staff was there for a medical treatment, felt as if we were in the hospital only.

  • Jegadesh Mariappan

    My family enjoyed a weeklong stay at Stem, also booked for us a tour to Agra, too good.

  • RamachandraVS

    All our company executives visiting Delhi are sure to stay at Stemwood only, nowhere else

  • Shiva Kedia

    Bappa takes good care of us whenever we are there, good food, great atmosphere

  • Priyanka

    All our guests are treated very well by the staff of Stemwood

  • Vishal Bansod

    Had a rough start understanding Delhi and its people, but all’s well that ends well

  • Dr. Gouri

    We have a strong bond with all the staff at Stemwood, they are too good and professional, loved being there

  • Gustavo Makanaky

    I am an expat visiting countries every now and then, have seen less number of apartments like Stem

  • Samba

    It’s just our second home, need not to go anywhere else while in Delhi. Mohammad are you still there?

  • Dr. Abha Dua

    Was there for my daughters marriage, all her in-laws felt to good during their stay, very comfortable

  • Mrs. & Mr. Ahuja

    Our house is being renovated; it’s been a marvelous stay till date, very cooperative staff, specially Renu, and the housekeeping staff as well

  • Harmeet

    We are from Jalandhar, and visit Delhi for our niece, as she has to go through rigorous training in sports, very nice and quite apartments, love the way they are kept

  • Vinay Sharma

    After a day’s hectic schedule we are at ease and taken well care off at Stem, Thanks buddy!

  • Aruna Schwarz

    My team of 6 engineers was there for quite some time, and during their stay never complained about the place, food and service.

  • Dr. Jetley

    My whole family knows when I am in Delhi, I am at Stemwood.

  • CA Saleem

    Came with my family and stayed in the spacious 4 Bedroom Apartment; was really a good experience, Thanks brother Talha!

  • Rukmini

    Thank you for the acknowledgement.  Yes they all had a good time.  And in future, if in case we need rooms, I will get in touch with you. Thanks,

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rajeev Chablani

    Me and my wife are too comfortable whenever we land in Delhi as we know we have our second home at Stemwood

  • Mayank

    Shooting for a movie shot was a pleasure at Stemwood, Abhishek is a real professional, thanks to all the staff

  • S.N. Thakur

    We were at Stem for more than a month Post Operation of my relative, everything went well

  • Sushant Kumar

    I was recommended by my company to stay at Stemwood after I had an accident; had been there for more than a month, very nice people, helpful and professional too

  • Kenny Angami

    We come for a regular checkup in Delhi hospital after 2-3 months, the staff and the Manager Ms. Renu are very nice people.

  • Embassy

    We were there for close to 4 years, the duplex was nicely customized according to our needs, never felt we were away from home, thanks Abhishek and staff

  • Jayshree Raghuraman

    I am a doctor by profession, and know how much care and cleanliness is needed for a patient Post operation, was recommended by a friend of mine, and found it outstanding, believe me.

  • Yurop Shrestha

    I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving Delhi this Friday for about 6 months and hence will be vacating the apartment this Friday on the 13th.

    It has been an absolute pleasure staying here for the past 9 months or so. The place is very professionally run and the staff are incredible – specially the staff I communicate with on a day-to-day basis – Jitu, Bappa, the cleaning staff, and the security guards.  I will certainly miss this place but I do plan to be back around Dec/Jan and hope to stay here again.

    Thank you again for a wonderful stay.  Best regards,